"Don't be fooled into thinking that a small group of friends cannot change the world!" - Pack of Thieves by Enter Shikari

The Volcanologist - Final Chapter

Jared had a bit of a shock, but he would be fine. All 10 people in the park had been killed. Our superior understood - there…
mazwe Aug 01, 2014

The Volcanologists - Chapter 18

Final posts coming up! "Fly up! Quickly! As high as you can!" I instruct the pilot. We continue moving forward as we gain altitude. Then, the loudest noise…
mazwe Aug 01, 2014

The Volcanologist - Chapter 17

I feel sick to my stomach as we run to the roof of the building. When I explained it to Dannielle and Luke, they wasted…
mazwe Jul 31, 2014

The Volcanologist - Chapter 16

I can't believe its been a year since I posted something. Considering I wrote this nearly 3 years ago, I have been slow posting it…
mazwe Jul 31, 2014

The Volcanologist - Chapter 15

"Woah Jared!" I manage to slow my racing heart before I ask the question "Got what?" "An answer for Volcanologists everywhere! A way to predict future…
mazwe Aug 01, 2013

The Volcanologist - Chapter 14

Its been a while since I last posted but I've been continuing to write and draw new things. I don't actually know if anyone is…
mazwe Aug 01, 2013

The Volcanologist - Chapter 13

Hooray! Back on track! Here's Chapter 13! The destruction is terrible - widespread damage from avalanches and flooding. We go up to the crater as we…
mazwe Feb 01, 2013

The Volcanologist - Chapter 12

Well, after all those posting problems I had before Christmas, I hope this works. If it does, you are now reading Chapter 12 and I will…
mazwe Feb 01, 2013

The Volcanologist - Chapter 11

With the dawn of the coming apocalypse, I thought I'd better start posting again. Now its been too long. Honestly, I don't believe the apocalypse…
mazwe Dec 21, 2012
Me with Dan Hethertonpic

The Volcanologist - Chapter 10

Its about time I posted again, I didn't realise how long its been! What's new? I've been doing lots of artwork ready to post when I…
mazwe Jul 13, 2012

The Volcanologist - Chapter 9

So I slowed down with these posts. I've been concentrating more on other writing and artwork this month. I'm also now on Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/maz_thomas What else? Oh…
mazwe Mar 05, 2012
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About Me:

I love music! I play saxophone and guitar, and I try to write stuff too. It was my fave subject at school. And I was a sound technician for the school production "We Will Rock You", and a light technician to help the A Level Performing Arts team with their exam. Great fun!

Favorite actors: Jared Leto, Kenichi Matsuyama, Nico Mirallegro, Brady Corbet, James Redmond

Favorite comedians: Russell Howard, Rhod Gilbert, Michael McIntyre

Fave songs at the moment:
"Fallen" - 30 Seconds To Mars
"Edge Of The Earth" - 30 Seconds To Mars
"Search and Destroy" - 30 Seconds To Mars
"Stranger In A Strange Land" - 30 Seconds To Mars
"Party Girl" - McFLY


MUSIC!!! I play saxophone and guitar, and I try to write music too.

Favorite Music:

Bullet For My Valentine, Chinastyle, Eric Dill, Fall Out Boy, Franz Ferdinand, I also like Green Day and Blink 182, Kaiser Chiefs, McFLY, Nightmare (Naitomea), Panic! At The Disco, Rooster, The Click Five, 30 Seconds To Mars, The Dirty Youth

Favorite Movies:

Death Note (trilogy), Jackass, Just My Luck, Taking 5, Thunderbirds (not the puppet version!), Panic Room, Chapter 27, Alexander, Requiem for a Dream

Favorite TV Shows:

American Dad, Casualty, Family Guy, Holby City, Hollyoaks, Jackass, Mock The Week, One Foot In The Grave, Scrubs, Smallville, The Simpsons, Zeni Geba

Favorite Books:

I'm not really one for reading books but I read, These days I'm more interested in fan fiction.